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Our Inspiration

The idea for Vero Pizzeria has been around since 2014 when we opened our first restaurant, Krave Burger. Once Krave Burger was established, we set out on a mission to create a new kind of pizzeria. One where some of the traditional rules about pizza are tossed out the door. Where, most importantly, the customer has the ability to create their own unique pizza with their chosen toppings which is then cooked for them in minutes!

Laying the foundation

All great pizzas start with great dough, and we took this to a whole new level at Vero. We spent years researching pizza dough. After tweaking, testing, and tasting more than a “few” pizzas, we came up with a dough that has superior taste and texture. We tested numerous pizza ovens and processes as well, during that time. Ultimately, we chose to go with an open hearth pizza oven using a stone deck that will cook your pizza in just minutes. After the dough, we knew we needed great toppings. Not just your standard toppings you would see in a typical neighborhood shop; we wanted our customers to have options and choices. We have a selection of 4 sauces, 7 cheeses, and over 30 toppings!! At Vero, our culinary team has worked very closely with our suppliers to offer our customers the freshest, tastiest, and most sustainable ingredients we can source. By doing this, we ensure our product has the flavours and tastes that you would expect in a gourmet pizzeria at an affordable price, all made fresh in front of you and cooked to order.

Building on the experience

Once we created our pizza, we needed to design our restaurant and ordering experience. At Vero, you will find a very simple ordering process. We offer a selection of chef designed pies, or you can choose to build your own pizza from our wide assortment of toppings. It’s just that simple! We then cook the pizza in our state of the art stone oven, while you select your beverage and check out our additional offerings (we highly recommend the cookies!!!) You will find an array of seating and standing options within our restaurant, most equipped with USB charging outlets to recharge your devices while you do the same! If you are looking to sit down with your family and friends, or if you are in a rush to get back to the office, don’t worry, we will have your pizza to you in meer minutes.